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Monday, September 1, 2014

Affixed to Poverty

USA: the collection agency

From the "Mental" files case:

Affixed to poverty

The majority of people on fixed incomes and minimum wage employment are the targets of new and exploitive business practices obviously promoted by the government.

Those with fixed incomes cannot escape the lack of increase regardless of the sky high price increases simply to live.

It used to be banks such as Well's Fargo, would allow an interest free advance on electronic payday accounts.

Recently, Wells Fargo stopped this practice as it certainly didn't serve them to have to help the already bleeding class of fixed and lower income.

But a new predator business looms waiting for an emergency where they will take a large fee and some interest just to get a pay check ahead.

So, banks are removing the free helpful service and putting it into the craw of those who prey upon those who have no other choices.

And within a short time, the loans begin to add up and the person is now behind in all other payments. Duh you coudn't afford it before, now with charges and interest it's a spiral down hill into the land of the debt collection industry.

We are wasting human resources, and financially torturing the disabled, retired, mentally ill- all those who are considered lucky to get anything.

They are getting it all right and people are ruined for life. Loans on cars, this is another way to get all of the valuable belongings. And to keep these people from rising above their age, sex, disability or mental capacity.


And this begins the great rise of the debt collection industry ready to jump on those who any 2nd grade math student could figure is in constant jeapordy.

Also no support for the recipients, but no protection from the government.

More Soon....

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sick degrees of separation: NOW playing on The Bi-polar American

Bars, bricks, locks....

Having the recent experience of being ripped from my car, also my current home, and being suddenly behind bars for being "Poor and trusting."
Separation of economic status is another way in which we hurt and harm our fellow residents on this slanted and sick playing field.

WE think we are better off but it can be a slippery slide as I had my house squatted, all my possession lest a few clothes, gone, stolen.

Recently, The police informed me I was not allowed to ask for help after my car was sabotaged. Revived today. They said the panhandling laws were in effect and you can only ask for help based on you knowing the person you are asking.

But then who do we really know.

Good question, but my car window was broken out as a so-called friend of mine was supposedly trying to help  me. I had put in $30 worth of gas and the car would not get the red light to go off. The tank had been tampered, vacuum lines were removed, several things dismantled.

The police nor my friend listened to my plea for help with the car that was stuck at the pump at Sierra Gateway market in South Lake California.

Next an officer and a can of mace burst, broke my window, my car, me and I'm sure the officer were inundated in this hot fluid. I still taste it weeks later. It's hard to breathe, but you learn. I burned and would never think this is a good idea to do to anybody.

Then I'm blinded as the tears from the flames keep reactivating with each tear drop. I learned to cry dry tears to avoid the blinding pain.

I was taken to jail, where I was treated to some initial brutality which lead to getting some stitches on the face. But no one was bothered by the fact that they were bullying a 50 year old woman.


We Americans have been conditioned to believe we have this famous phone call as we call a lawyer or bondsman. Not.

The only phone calls that can go out must be collect and anyone knows the charges that are upgraded for poor people or young people to have to handle finding themselves charged with a crime. There are a lot of younger kids in this situation, striving to meet the system which does not want to lose control.

NO way, Kern County jail out of control?

Head games, no mercy, and judgments full of monies no one could possibly pay therefore keeping this social strata in debt. Then crime revolves again as they commit more crimes to fulfill financial obligations that are always kept out of their reach.

I got my phone call via the public defender the day I was in court. MARCH 7th.

No one knew where I was at, neither did I some of the time, lol, but that is nothing compared to the locks and bars, the loud sounds they use as a way to degrade all who enter. Guards have their agenda, there are those in the system bringing drugs, foods, and other infos into these cell blocks.

Can't hardly hear anything until the screaming at night, while mice hunger for leftovers that most are not eating. No food is better than these bags of no food values. But it depends who you are and who you know. They want their jails-- what better way than to rig a game.

Make a law, say something like "Laura's mental health laws" where one diagnosed must adhere to medications. I never saw my medications for either my thyroid which keeps me alive or for my mental health concoction I had been prescribed.

They were breaking the law every day they kept me.

Who held them accountable?

I do, but enforcement is tough.

I saw a lot of odd things as a pregnancy test. I was told this included all women up to 100 years old. I had a hysterectomy, and I got one.


At some point they had me in a suicide watch, yet I had not said I was suicidal. This was demeaning, cold, and difficult to endure.

But we make it thru everything.

Hold on to that, but make sure to help yours stuck in jail, as it does not take much to be suddenly imprisoned, taken from your family, and spit back out with a record. Borrowing a pain pill from a friend can lead to $10,000 bail in Kern County courts.

I'm off to my probation officer to find out where all these fines I incurred are actually going, and how in the world as a currently homeless, broke person, am going to pay.

If there is a delay in my posting, you reader, should know I maybe out there in jail again, enduring the seedy nature on both sides of the bars. Many young women sell out to get to their kids. Mother's love is strong. Male inmates are always on their toes it's tough in there, however, we akCt, it's painful.

Birds dogs, me, kids, should never be held in cages. It's mind bending pain, emotional chaos. It's a sad point that our dog pounds and cat shelters got less money to euthanize, and they stay in small cages. Try it sometime, if you know space, and find yourself feeling that of those lonesome pups at the local Jerry Brown austerity project.

Budget cuts.

It's a sick society, and it's tool is separation.

TAke care and bail out all who will go.....Laura Hart The Bi-polar American

Monday, February 10, 2014

Aunt Laura to your Uncle Sam...Now showing on The Bipolar American

Aunt Laura to Uncle Sam: It's time....
It is time to start thinking what it truly means to wear the stripes and stars. I am the free thinker only if I give up thinking. I am the model if I intend to walk the talk of the cock of the walk.

So, to those who truly have given up everything to play a game of "fake economy" I genuinely refer to as "Boring for dollars the Pyramid scam" I am in the game too. I have a job, it's being the kind Aunt to those who have been ripped off and apart trying to manage a shell game whose board is slanted to the side of those with no interest in anything but themselves.

No way, I am interested in playing for us all. I don't want for needing, but have recently been taken for every item I ever "thought" I owned. I own nothing on a dicey gamble called life. But found myself living in my car with the weary remnants.

We have been kicked in the teeth, our memories of a good dream, a good life, all haunting us now.

There are books to be written, and I'm continuing to write my fair share.

It's now time for Uncle Sam to meet and marry his new mail order Bride: Aunt Laura.

More to follow....

Monday, October 14, 2013

Job HUnting with Army Corps of Engineers: Dam would they hire me?

Noted earlier today that the Army corps of engineers, the general office in charge of a lot of KRV business associated with the Rebuilding of the Lake Isabella dam that There is a spectrum of power where there is a clause in the project scope--they can attempt to steer employment to some local contractors.

I"ve always understood that to be based on bidding, not buttering.

Since I'm under paid in every way considering how much work has been done on behalf of the residents of the KRV, I thought it could be that I should throw my hat in the ring.

I'll share the request next....

Here's a link to the YOu tube site. Our dam song....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm Back....

Hello readers, don't think for a moment that I have stopped investigating the world around me and in me. I've actually expanded the scope of the investigation.

As I have been an open and probably irritating reporter of the truth peeling away the nonsense to the senses once again.


Why are we dealing with disease rather than enhancement? Lance Armstrong proved it can be done. It's that simple.

It's cheating, it gets a bad rap, as everyone wants to win the competition. (I'm more into proficiency, but that's for another blog.)

Soldiers were given methamphetamine to probably create more than just endurance.

I'd like this issue to be understood that even bionic technology could be considered part of enhancement--artificial intelligence---Flowers for Algernon was a great book.

BUT only for those on the top end of our fake economy: Boring for dollars: The pyramid scam. 

Well, it's been "Gullible Travels" for a long time now--As the trickle down effect appears to defy the laws of gravity. Our world bereft of fair distribution. Like your local DVD movie video pleads: Copyright infringement is NOt a victimless crime. 

Neither is holding out on real technologies that are being used against rather than for the General public. 

Genetics, everything once inconceivable has been inseminated with new potential uses, secretively, militarily, or in other human and animal research.

This has a far reaching effect in that we are being taught disease, and treated by personnel who assume role as "health practitioner, " trained in power over patients. Judging patients a seeming discriminatory practice a daily reality for many.

How far does this technology reach as many sports figures admitted to the use of new lines of enhancement chemicals, but what else has been tampered? Food? Vitamins? Your DNA? Stem cells anyone, not everyone.

Teeth are whitened, but why do we end with dentures? Why do the higher level income chew better?

We whine and complain about costs of health care and yet we have no "visible" recorded, unclassified, or transparent technology focused on ENHANCING human resistance or life span even physical strenghth. Vaccines aside, just another Fall sale special, we could be winning races and modifying genes for cancer. In fuct--umm, fact, It would simply turn things on it's head, as we real eyes, the system is self perpetuating, and gives people power over others and money for the top of the Amway health care system.

No, we are not informed, and the playing field does not support this point of view, except there is evidence expensive alternative medicine unaveiled to the lower income base, is used daily in the pent houses and mansions around the world. So, stop the nonsense, the technology is for the rich and ready to walk over their competitors.

Sports monies, betting horses, greyhounds, Olympics, sport big bucks for the winners. Enhancement maybe a bad name now, as we are not willing to put forth the truth, reroute our efforts toward human, animal upgrades....for everyone. But

It's not stopping anyone who can pass a standard drug test if you don't have a test for all the experimentation likely going on. All the best, successful users, or pro-active in forms of increasing average performance to new, possibly  unlimited levels, are only leaking small bits of info as not to openly admit to the use of publicly hidden technologies. 

Competition a low energy compared to say, unified but unique creative sharing, and our own "con"stitution has lead to monopolies, false creditors, hierarches, slavery, aggressive military land grabs...It has been part of the infrastructure, the "company store."

Using a claustrophobic system of time, money, disease, death, old age, only would make one wonder why there would not be a true effort to increase our output rather than wait for disease, then take over the lives of those afflicted. 

The senior population must know the dangle of the money of Social Security. So tentative. Medical costs taking more and more of the contributional Repayment, called retirement.
From Amnesia to Alzheimers? That's our life. BS! Not for me or you either, should you choose that route.

This subject needs to be opened up before we continue to run from every swine flu, plague threatening, non-profit sucking up dollars for potential accentuation, alternatives to the From birth to cradle medical prison. 

More to follow....

Doctors and healthcare highest margin of drug abusers?

THey Don't have to Drug test?

Now they can voluntarily submit.

Is your doctor drug testing? Find out on a new site monitoring our white coated, teethed, bullies of medical judgment, hypocritically treating patients, if they are on this list. 

How human performance enhancement can be used for both Good and weevils.

AND the story behind my delay in posting. Dam we still haven't sorted out what the KRV "most dangerous dam in the country" is truthfully doing --just like we had the "worst elder abuse case" a Governor had ever seen, 

It's good to be back.....

Laura Hart--The bi-polar American

Friday, August 9, 2013


Support your local Bi-polar

I"ve been waiting to begin my torrent of writing projects, but as we KNOW on this site most certainly, is money is the object.

I not only want to get my projects finished, or started in some cases, lol, so I am experimenting with the ideas of how to infuse money into the picture to release the people, tools, which had no backing.

TAlent is there, in all of us. Others need a hand up to get there projects off the ground.

There are so many ways to toy with one person's money. Chase bank and I are QUIT. A couple months of nonsense and it's over.

BUt Wells Fargo showed me the easiest way to fund this project "The bi-polar Americans..." There are checks, visa's, and cash, which can get tricky. Here's the deal, if you want to support this worthy adventure, this is how easy it can work:

My Well's Fargo representative said, "Anyone can come to a Well's Fargo branch and ask to deposit Money in Laura Hart's account.

Wow. Well's Fargo is everywhere.

You don't have to reveal who you are, if you don't want to. And you get a receipt which should correspond with my banks records. And I'll check it and report what the money bought.

For instance, my hacked to the bone computer took a shower recently, and a laptop with video editing is a must. This is just one of many things.

For more info email me:

So, simply go to Well's Fargo and SAy, "Hey I want to deposit money in Laura Hart's account." 

If they say Laura who, they're lying....You say The bipolar American Laura Hart. (likely to confuse them, lol) 

Keep it simple, Laura Hart from Well Done CAlifornia.....@@@@@


Only send what you can afford......Thanks


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The DOJ aded: A department of JUST US report

(This is better voice related, I'll get back to you on that audios amigos)

It's like a Whose "HUGHES" of the news on elder abuse, after Gwen Hughes, the final defendant and lowest totem on the pole, recieved the stiffest sentence in the Kern Valley Healthcare District, elder abuse criminal case.

With Dr. Hoshang Pormir slipping thru the court "missedum" picking up his "not to do" list recently, followed by former KVHD CEO and political poles dancer, Pamela OTT, as she held her hand out palm side down this time to be slapped--last one out is a rotten egg.

Ott and Pormir were both sentenced on conspiracy charges (endangering public health) rather than the original elder abuse codes which were dropped in lieu of the "justice light" charges of this brigade from the California Depart-meant "to do" justice lead by Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Jerry Brown, former atturnkey General, now Governor of the state of mind that elder abuse "of the worst kind" was committed, divorced himself from those claims best used in campaigns and not court rooms.

The first two defendants were treated to a "buzz kill" or "stern talking to" before being handed over to the probation department--for three whole years. (wow) They also have to write "I will not drug and kill the elderly" four hundred times on a chalkboard.


There are different motivations for elder abuse, but it usually involves financial gain.

THe KVHD example of elder abuse shows there is a senior discounting on the oversight and justice par tof this bargain of a deal: protecting the innocent.

Politically motivated, Gwen Hughes, former KVHD director of Nursing, for all of six months, became a henchman for the group of administrators and board members hiding their already troubled Skilled Nursing Facility.

Evidence shows a trend toward understaffing the nursing home, which meant more infusion of cash into the operations and dehydrated patients the result.

Hughes was sentenced to three years jail time and in a few more years, as she is getting older, could be rolling to a senior living apartment near you. Though she has had to relinquish her nursing license forever more, and keep a distance of at least two bus stops and a senior center from anyone graying at the temples--WE do realize she will be aging and they won't be able to stop the potential for more senior predation.

Some people prefer to close the case, calling it just another example of lack of caring, or truth, but some never forget.

I could go on and on, and I another post. I'll keep you posted for part three in the series "Whose Hughes in elder abuse."

Laura Hart-The Bi-Polar American

Friday, January 11, 2013

Edge A Caution: America's Academia-dementia

Years ago it was instilled in us Americans that education was the way "out" of this predicament in life called "poverty," a condition maintained in our social system known on this blog as: Boring for dollars, the pyramid scam.

Now it's the schools that have learned how to make some dough and a few middle men seize the advantages of the game of "Edge A Caution": America the debt trappers.

Student Loans

Can't crack the old bankruptcy stick in case of emergency when your dealing yourself into the student loan card shark game.

Therefore it's a con game with an end game that could favor or disfavor, depending on the luck of the overdrawn.

Private schools such as the "alma doesn't matta" home of Kern Valley Healthcare District Cheif Financial officer, Chester Beedle, LaVerne University are an ever expanding franchise business opportunity. And teaching business is one of their specialties.

It appears as a do what we do. Find a gravy train and make a splash. And don't worry about mashing a few potatoes while boarding this "loco" motive.

Phoenix University rose from the ashes of a burned out system, not the elusive "seat of enlightment" but of a vocational splintered industry designed to paper train with immense paper trails.

It's costing too many who haven't a scholarship or a penthouse quorum at the top pyramid scam economy, and the students who falter for this bait then tackled proposition can expect to be hounded by the ever growing "debt collection" industry in case of late or non-payment.

They say Volume is the key, well the mirth makers of this loving society, have pumped it up.

I recieved a phone call the other day from one of the beneficiaries of these "hire than you are" education dealers.

These specialized colleges of no repute, prepackage their wares, offer two and four year degrees in heavily marketed career areas such as--Criminology-- national security-- or film making--a mutual menu of specialization.

--And they have a middle man.

His job is to size up the potential to simply get a warm human body to take a loan to pay for an education which may or may not be worth the cost--or guarantee any sort of pay or job in these industries--but will infuse money and possibly hope to those starved of either. No credit required or taken.

I asked this savvy solicitor who had been transferred from a front caller, who originally called to survey my educational needs. She suddenly dropped from the line and a male, more manipulative voice took over.

Before he got too far into convincing me of my education inadequacies, I interrupted and asked what business he was in. Who was he associated with and how did he make money.

Quickly he bragged that the company calling me, (or actually hired an independent telephone solicitation firm to cold call and transferred me to them) was a Fortune 500 race car of a company.

And he added they had risen to the top quickly--an industry leader for three years, he crowed.

There must be some easy footholds when climbing the ladder made of the hopes and dreams of young, aspiring, even more so, of desperate, hungry, out-of-work, Americans.

"Wow," I asked him, "who pays you?"

These ever growing school franchises are pushing dollars at "dough" nuts who don't need much to figure out a way to push "easy loans" to the poor and "undercertifiable" and I had one of these beneficiaries of the US educational system on the phone.

Not only did I learn that his company makes millions selling a dream to an insomniac population, I imagined that with a cost of 50 thousand pyramid scam dollars to complete a Bachelor's in Criminology, that Someone should get to the crime scene of this world of "Akademonic" dollars for a look&see.

These costly, over inflated programs are backed and insured by the US Government's "Go and Get 'em" student loan collection industry thriving and driving it's own Fortune 500 mobile.

"Oh sorry you're barely making it, or couldn't find a job- or had to take any damn job in any damn industry-so sorry but you are NEVER going to escape your "Stewedint" loan. Oooo, ha, ha, ha, ha (evil laugh).

It's a new list: Death, taxes, student loans (Cal Mtg. loans to underserved rural healthcare Districts)

So we have the college with all the knowlege, along with inter-nets to hold all the fishy schools, which have some FUNding to pay for this man on my telephone making his fortune peddling "higher education monies" for his "friendors" the vendors of candy bar in the sky exams.

These college franchises don't have to do much to reduce overhead, as campus free, is "frat free," and they can afford to feed a bolemic sales force, binging and purging, for potential students. And the colleges spring into business everywhere under this government fortified bulwark of serial entrapment.

Tiny strip malls, with aged wooded siding, will do--or an office building floor--many programs require nothing special in terms of a campus or equipment, or the bothersome task of housing and counseling of students. It appears the "financial counseling" takes place in a call or two, transfer student, to the loan program.

Some more specailized University types do provide a campus with smaller satellite units orbiting their home base. And there is also a trend toward all colleges to go on-line as there are benefits and costs accounted for--But what is lost in intelligent design and human interaction is "written off" as unnecessary.

Many of these colleges are Cheap to operate, "Laptop Learning" teachers can teach in their underwear from their car, and certainly no creativity required as they are following college cirriculum or template or cookie cutter, provided then certified by another member of the gang on this chain.

With that irritating "student-teacher" relationship laid to rest, there's only some paperwork for the office workers at the college who got their own certified "AA" degrees around the corner at an old TAco Bell building.

Burdened with their own student loans, these office personnel possibly get $10 an hour to  make half the country richer by shuffling the paperwork of Crony created colleges spawning bags of money for middle men and end players who have a RIGGED playing field.

The government provides, does it not, the playing field? Lol All the legislation, licensing, certifications, loan approval qualifications, classifications, designations, board and directors, all of these to make sure that American's can have a chance at....(Oh YEAH BABY, a FORTUNE 500 company with Porsche and arrogance included)

Umm, an Education?

Vocational and profanely profitable, who would have thought? Oh well the student loans for "truckers licenses" and "Medical Office Assisting" got this show of a program and industry generator up and running.

It's just been taken to "higher student loan indebtedness level."

"Wanna be somebody? Not a nasty old poverty ridden, shoe dwelling, old maid--or change your useless, disabled, "made in a China shop" bullshit existence? 

Come aboard "Captain Corrupto's" titanic educational ferry across the seas of anonymity, obscurity, and poverty into the world of "HIGHER VOCATION." 

What a success story! I practically want to weep.

Laura Hart--The Bi-Polar American


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Clear the air...

Living in the Kern River Valley, one must endure the daily flight pattern of a seeming overzealous, pompous military presence on an extraordinarily regular basis.

Choppers, fighter planes, cargo units--even large triangular shaped "thingys" with great mufflers to help them pass silently above our heads--criss crossing trails of smoke forming grids in the sky.

Is it the "Show me" kids from China Lake or China or wherever? I don't know, but they do seem to love their toys.

"Top gun to stun gun, come in...when do we get the facts that matter?" 

Yeah, that's what I said. It's my preference to use the weapons of mass communication or what we "first amendment" types might call ourselves: "verbavoires."

Maybe some prefer the second amendment, pull a gun and shoot, type of posturing? The moment you bite on that bullet, you may get gut shot with a storehouse of government gunpowder.

It appears to me the "mili vanilli tary" lip syncs to this 2nd amendment as there is an arsenal of weapons to point at its own citizenry.

Yawn, stretch--BORED!

So what--they can create jazzy jets, zippy stuff in the sky, bomb and burn and beam, blast or blare--or just control? Woo hoo!

These are the great thinkers of our time?

Something's off, and I smell a diaper. Someone has not changed the baby in a while, and the only explanation I can possibly attribute to this mess of a world, is on the disorder of a "Lord of the Flies" scenario.

Who has the conch shell?

These "scrotums with modems" have now trained the youngest generation to "run" their toys with a handset from a desk or a coffee shop; they created an army of couch potatoes too obese to run across a physical battle field.

But these children are in the other room of your house practicing to become a militarized mind on the X box as we speak.

These flights of fancy flying machines, these displays such as a territorial mockingbird, solidify my suspicion that we are dealing with the most "IMMATURE" aspects of this errant world.

So, what about a real game?

Word processor or pen or pencil?--choose your weapon. lol

Please don't bore us with a game of drones, this most certainly a show of weakness.

The reticence of the military is well known, also called "stonewalling," but it's time to get some courage and drop the real "bomb shell" known as the TRUTH.

The focus can simply be on how to agree we DO have a problem, Houston...

The problems are pervasive, on every level of this game-- the environment, the weather, the governments, and the minds and hearts of all who live this mess.

"Boring for Dollars" is I label the pyramid scam, illusory, economy, a rudimentary game of power for beginners, where exclusive groups pull the strings, vying for top of the food chain status.

It appears to me to be an uncreative force, blocking, dividing, addicting and cruelly imprisoning those within its mindset.

There are those "special" types who are not selling out to this already "sold out" crowd. They appear to be in the minority, I sadly report.

Only the powerless would need to build up a military--an overcompensation I suggest. But for what? Is the government protecting us or protecting its own interests or protecting itself?

The KRV is also now occupied with the "Army corn of in-gin ears" as they "cell" us on the idea of how we have the most dangerous "Dam" in-the-nation.

Boring for dollars systematically breeds (greeds) these paid welfare recipients of a political bent, to do its bidding. These puppets are actively being fed dollars to go forth and expand their Waste lines and lands.

We don't have an open, transparent communication on this "Dam" the "austerity is for suckers" project. There are probably as many unique reasons as there are mouths to feed.

So we passively call these transgressions of forthrightness, elder abuse or scams, "water under the bridge."  Are we conditioned to "look the other way?"

We accept, are complicit with, the lowest of energies. Paralysis of the possibility, we are more, and we are better, than we have thus far experienced.

So please, with humble, yet grumble, I seek to find answers with TRUTH and COMPASSION as to why this is all necessary.

They say the room for improvement is the largest room in the world, I say the world needs to make room for improvements in its home field advantages....

Laura Hart--The Bi-Polar American

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year: Facing the Cliff Hanger...

The Wish List is washy....

It's not a stretch to simply look around, look at the cities, the countryside, the NEWS media, and wonder to yourself: This is the best humanity can do?

Really? We, this advanced, intelligent (?), race, we label ourselves, yet we see healthcare without care, money grabbers and log rollers of the political welfare system, an unbalanced legal system, a class war, and yet we sweep faster as the rug shrinks.

KVHD, the Kern Valley Healthcare District, exemplifies a serious problem with simple Spoon fed theatrics such as the recent CEO severance, security package.

A reference was made to the CEO's "Special need's child."

No more of this, it's offensive to those who have special needs and expect something for their own loved ones. Using the personal issue in an attempt receive board support for financial gain, while offering NO services in the hospital for the local community, seems one sided.

Maybe a combination, put the same $250K given to Mr. McGlew in case of sudden termination, into a PROGRAM FOR THE KRV....Simple and Fair.

But No such thoughts were on the agenda.

The Special needs of the McGlew outweigh the needs of the McMany....

I love Literature

I cannot help but enjoy the loosed tongue I feel needs to speak directly or metaphorically, rhetorically but whatever it takes to highlight the loss of truth in EVERY sector of our lives.

KVHD started a fire, and as Billy JOel sang in the 80's "We didn't Start the Fire, it's been burning since the world's been turning...

But What I say is "WE DIDN'T STOP the FIRE either."

Now it's time to face the huge, fear evoking, mess.

And my interest is in this great big, scam, "BORING FOR DOLLARS." People are monopolized in AMerica with Utility companies, billings that HIDE a shell game of tax and take, rules in favor of Corporate America.

Microsoft, Verizon, Hughes Net, Chase, Goldman Sachs, all big names in the business of pickpocketing, some strong arming, JUST they are doing it electronically now.

When the Electric Smart Meters arrived how dumb were we? This switch, forced with penalties financial, also pushed a product onto the stock market which made a lot of money. The meters were now in demand, as well as stocks and profits.

Did any of us "user" end types benefit? No.

But we did BAIL out the country right, with our tax dollars, so we should be included in these "benefits?"

WHY NOT? I ask that question.

I have many questions, as the cronie machine mulches away the bottom tier of the pyramid scam called the e-con-omy.

My work is about fair play, that cannot be attained without HONESTLY examining the playing field, which certainly seems slanted. The truth, good intentions, compassion, face uphill conditions,  against the wind-- while those who slant the truth to fit a fearful audience, or a selfish agenda, seem  to have a downhill ride with the wind at their backs.

I need to know why.....................................................................???????

"The Unexamined Life is not worth living." Socrates

Friday, November 30, 2012

Over the "Big Top" : KVHD Protecting another CEO

Sometimes I feel like I'm standing in the middle of a firehouse yelling "Theatre." --- Me


NOvember Kern ValleY Healthcare District Board Meeting

"A Question of Quorum..."

BACKGROUND: CEO Tim McGlew, three years at the helm of KVHD, member if the California Hospital Association, and he forgot to wear his protection: SEVERANCE PACKAGE.

McGlew, simply stated he wanted to ensure his needs were protected, these three years later, and a new mixture in the hospital batter box, would prove to make him more vulnerable to such things as truth or scrutiny, as there was a comfort in his former quorum on the board of directors.

Not that he is fired, but in case of Fire, he has some of his $250K salary, for at least a year, until he finds new employment.

Never an emotional speaker, McGlew, showed tears welled in his eyes, as the CEO with the three years of raises to a higher than average hospital salary, was defended by his Amigos, now Former Chairwoman of the board, Victoria Alwin, Former radio Board Blowhard, Bob Jamison, and Re-elected Doctor Gross, along with David Derr, Advocated for the security of the administrator's salary.

McGlew Shown above, asking for a full year salary, The CEO was visibly shaken as the board discussed his "package?" lol
 David Derr, returning to the melee after his election in 2010, pitched a six month package for McGlew, allowing for some room to reduce the actual costs to the hospital both in dollars, and sense or sense-ability considering the financial climate.

But even that crumb was trampled upon as the dollars have Donoughts and sugar is their candy, so was this offer passed on, and the 12 month dealing began.
Dr. Robert Gross, DO, looks on as his days of Wine and Rosey future stocks in this market of mayhem, could be altered before the year begins.

My question, and will find answers, is exactly, I"VE ASKED nicely and DIRECTLY, what are all his Financial Dealings with KVHD?

He has the SNF, the Acute, ER? Surgery, his PA, Sienna Wellness, and was directing the Rural Health Clinic at one point. Why is there DIRECT answer to this lingering question of how much has he invested?

Gross told the audience that this Healthcare is a "business" but what about this business of his board and breakfast at KVHD? Inquiring minds know there's more to this soup than just the brothel.

 Former Chairwoman, Victoria Alwin, leaves a legacy of "Time Keeping" or the three minute timer, shutting off comments, faucets flowing with facts the board and administrators had been previously able to deflect with her shelter.

She gave her last gift to the CEO, beginning the discussion of a severance package, justifying it's "timely" nature as nothing. A typical plan, nothing to get the community alarmed about. Politics? Oh no, hush, you naysayers. lol

 Cal Mtg. our friends, our bonded by debt and misfortune, keepers of the money pit called KVHD, were invoked into the matter.

Even when CFO, Chester N. Beedle, record keeper for the Debt ridden hospital, claims there are monies accounted for, books are balanced, there is DISREGARD for the real owners of KVHD: THE 24 year old bond debt serviced by Cal Mtg.

Beedle and McGlew, are beholding to the holders of this mortgaged morgue of humanity, and the name slid into the paperwork.

McGlew would get no pay if there were severance from Cal Mtg. and they could have, should have, severed a long time ago with KVHD, as there were passed along a license to steal the hope of a better day for the Kern Valley residents.

They let the reins of terror descend on this valley, by not watching, not alerting, not even stirring until the coffee has boiled over.

NO GOB. No bail out with community tax monies in the general obligation arena. The trust has gone bust.

No money from the community to pay a debt that should be to society as a whole for allowing this meltdown to continue, Chair Noble, or electric, I say.

Next week on the Mayan calendar, the Illusive KVHD monthly board meeting, Wed. Dec. 5th, at 5:30 PM in the Cafeteria at the hospital in Mt. Mesa. 

Newly elected board member, Tom Wright, and former and "renewed" memeber Barbara Casas, join the board mix upcoming as the climate change continues..............

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Forgetting Something?

You know that feeling that you forgot something and you linger around trying to remember?

Then that moment you suddenly realize....

" Oh, Yeah!"-- I forgot to the do the right thing."

(the "right thing" -- the most frequently forgotten item on our lists. Remember it today!) 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KVHD under FIRE...Re-constructive surgery

It's time to make a change, in strategy, while rapping up the last few years with a special pictorial slide show of events. COMING SOON....


Gadfly--According to Wikipedia:

A gadfly is a person who upsets the status quo by posing upsetting or novel questions, or just being irritant. The term has been used to describe many politicians and social commentators.[citation needed]
The term "gadfly"  was used by Plato in the Apology[2] to describe Socrates' relationship of uncomfortable goad to the Athenian political scene.
During his defense when on trial for his life, Socrates, according to Plato's writings, pointed out that dissent, like the gadfly, was easy to swat, but the cost to society of silencing individuals who were irritating could be very high. "If you kill a man like me, you will injure yourselves more than you will injure me," because his role was that of a gadfly, "to sting people and whip them into a fury, all in the service of truth." This may have been one of the earliest descriptions of pragmatic ethics.
In modern and local politics, gadfly is a term used to describe someone who persistently challenges people in positions of power, the status quo or a popular position.[3] For example, Morris Kline wrote "There is a function for the gadfly who poses questions that many specialists would like to overlook. Polemics are healthy."[4] Oxford University professor Bent Flyvbjerg has talked about "gadfly social science," emphasizing a key role for social science in identifying and challenging the abuse of power, whoever the perpetrator and whoever the victim [5] The word may be uttered in a pejorative sense, while at the same time be accepted as a description of honourable work or civic duty.[6]
The Book of Jeremiah uses the term in a similarly political metaphor. "Egypt is a very fair heifer; the gad-fly cometh, it cometh from the north." (46:20, Darby Bible)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gwen Hughes Pleads guilty one count of elder abuse

The third and final defendant in the Kern Valley Healthcare District's elder abuse case plead guilty to one count of elder abuse and will be sentenced January 9th 2013.

Gwen Hughes, Director of Nursing at the KVHD Skilled nursing facility for six months in 2006, avoided ten counts of elder abuse and assault, instead admitting to one single count of abuse.

The thud that has been heard around the Kern River Valley, as former KVHD CEO, Pamela Ott, and Skilled nursing physician, Dr. Hoshang Pormir,also took deals from the California State Attorney General's office with only probation as their sentence.

Commensurate? Not close, but it's no surprise that no alteration of course has occurred within the justice system, which truly turns out to be JUST US.

The elder abuse case which highlighted abuses of staffing, pharmaceuticals, the inefficacy of government oversight to prevent such systematic failure as to potentially have lead to extremes such as death of residents.

Provided to the DOJ, Governor Jerry BRown, Attorney General Kamala Harris, who have all moved on with their political agendas, leaving in their wake, a certain quality of clarity.

They don't care.

They will not fight for simple humanity, as they must have none.

But some of us, will never stop fighting against this victim machine. Just higher up the food chain this time around.
lol See you there.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Utilities more like FUTilities

Imagine, that in the minds and hearts of those with the good intentions (beating with money of course) of moving a small trench up a mountain, From InyoKern California, across Highway 14, and threading up the 178, into our beloved Kern Valley.

This Data snake would live in a trench aside the road, and bring internet to almost 10,000 new customers, lighting up the up and downloads, for Mediacom.

The whole proposition was ordered with the help of a grant from the California Public Utilities Commission.

The Actual project of construction as ORIGINALLy accepted and planned, was 6 to 8 weeks.

But this Thirty something miles of Super DATA highway has been on hold for the last four years.

Mediacom, intersects this line with their existing tracks, and the "TEchnology" comes to the starved outer, eastern "settlements."

Utilities are part of our focus, as the HEALTH of this valley relies on some players, money pockets of hands, and there sure are a whole bunch of them on the scene, looking for something.


So, with this in mind, I have made calls, and hope to paint a few pictures.

California Water company on the Scout again for more money as rates are hiking and the trail is overgrown with Poison oak.

I'm getting itchy, feel a trend, a desperation, pressure for others, but a shifting.

More on Mediacom and it's FIBER optic line, 1/2 inch in diameter, having trouble finding a PERMIT? lol Cal TRans is the hold up....

LOOking AT Utlilites such as Verizon situation. Had a Bill to pay no internet which had made me paperless a transition requiring two phone calls.

VERIZON OFFERS no PHONE payment without cost. BILL MATRIX, is the outside service which gets $3.50 to process my bill.

Southern California Edison will Take a Check over the phone free of charge, but has the SAME credit/debit charges for payment.

BOTH big boys offers a NIckel and DIMing Atmosphere, in a multi Million Dollar Customer base fashion.

VOLUME, as the Wizard of numbers for the Kern Valley Healthcare District, CHET BEEDLE, has repeated is the ANSWER. (no doubt)

And these monopolies have taken this as their ADVANTAGE. The playing field oh so marred, tripping as you find you can't shake these Small time crooks.

More to follow....Just getting warmed up.

Senator Jean Fuller in town mediating between local community members outraged at another rate increase for CAl WAter.

One audience member at the meeting, Town Hall, style, remarked that CAl WAter paid out dividends to stock holders, and he would rather " an investor than a customer."

We are investors, and What a horrible investment we have made giving these companies whose sole purpose is to make more money at a rate only their ADDICTION and fear will limit, the power to severely impact our lives.

Ratepayers group set up a situation in which the direct costs of this increase was passed along to others out of the area.

But I remember, the OFF note, I heard when told by the DRA, it's only pennies, they won't notice.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Kern Valley Sun Tanned Hide

Kern Valley Sun “Solar Flairs”

“The Shortened Days of our Lives,” the Soap opera of the Welfare/HEALTHCARE system, we lovingly call “KVHD under FIRE” rides round the land to find the Antagonist of greater proportion than a local subsidiary of Sub-moral Characters, but…we are always willing to take on the AIDERS and ABETTERS.

The local region, rather isolated, in a valley, The Kern River Valley, has a unique “containment” of media as there are two local types of weekly tabloids: The Kern Valley Sun and the Kern River Courier.

Also included in your package of “information packaging,” and of course, handling charges, the potentially derailing data not for public consumption, is the local radio station QAB, owned by Charlie Busch.

(Charlie Busch is a candidate for the KVHD board of Directors seat this election)

All three of these media outlets handle the local region only. Since media relies on advertising for it’s income, it’s no stretch to understand that they are going to protect their own salaries. (And that of their keepers)

Right KVHD administrators? These Healthcare Welfare Recipients know that playing with the “starving” and impoverished media outlets is a cheap, and efficient public relations team, as the more hungry they are, the less you will have to feed them.

(The Bakersfield Press stays off the KRV, unwilling to make a commitment to the valley. Drinks our Milk shake ups, but not buying our Cattle. News is scattered, over a broad area, specifics are a rare treat, but there are some, spotty efforts. Yes, they also please their master too.)

So, it goes that with Tim McGlew, CEO, of the Kern Valley Healthcare District, recipient of a pay scale far above that of the equal sized hospitals, which were created ideally to aide the “underserved” and Rural communities.

It was Front page news last week, as the hospital and it’s CEO‘s salary, headlined the tabloids priority list, receiving his pay increase from a board of directors elected for oversight.

Let’s just begin with the words Written, by Susan Barr, (the lower the Bar, the more likely to trip over it,) but she writes that the public agrees that McGlew deserved another raise.

The whole VALLEY? Lol

Outsiders, government officials, “RATIONAL individuals too? California Hospital Association?”

It’s a boot licking maneuver to begin speaking of the raise as a subject of interest, then to make a lazy strike at the reality, by saying, “The public agrees he deserves it,” is puerile.

“Jamey and Johnny think Mcglew deserves more money, because I said so, that‘s why” could have just as easily been implanted in that story.

But to add to this obvious Sycophant like gesture on the part of the effort to rally support for a public relations ploy, Barr makes a statement that not only did McGlew get a raise, but ALL The hospital employees received raises too. (Happy days are here again begins playing when the page is turned)

Isn’t that good to hear?
Hospital employees are you getting this? lol

She did not, however, mention the off-setting report that when McGlew received his first financial pat on the butt two years ago, the EMPLOYEES did NOT get a pay adjustment or raise.

So, to have the SUN flair up with this Sales pitch, burns us all out on the idea we can expect to hear any sort of discernment or distinguishing between their own “Special media needs” agenda and that of the hospital.

Or any other matter, such as the DAM project. The Sun is a joy to work AGAINST as writing about the Sun is about as EASy as making Rice Crispy treats. (let me throw a little flour on my face, phew!)

Also MISSING is the information about past CEO salaries and benefits.

Hmm, wonder why? Lol

This is an important feature of an article that is directed at ACTUALLY conveying something other than financial Desperation on the part of the newspaper.

That may have been a road less traveled, and certainly would NOT have helped McGlew’s position, but it could have been noted that over-spending, lenient hiring practices, lack of oversight, extra benefits, are all hallmarks of the KVHD history.

If McGlew had said, “no” to his increase, donated it to his favorite KVHD cause, such as “Women’s issues,” we may have well ALL agreed. Doing something kind is rarely polarizing. Taking another salary increase in an impoverished community, is…

Who is Doctor Montez?

The KVHD Rural Health Clinically dead after Dr. Jack Nadler left his position late last year, got a revival as the SUN beamed in on the latest replacement.

The new doctor on staff, Dr. Montez.

After a year of having Board member, Skilled nursing Facility medical Directors, Sienna Wellness owner, Dr. Robert Gross, DO, sign pharmaceutical prescriptions for surprised patients who had only been seen by the Physician’s Assistants at Rural Health, the hospital found it’s new doctor. 

Montez, a Self declared, OBGYN, which is tough to figure why this is the first time I have ever heard of a doctor “Self Declaring” anything, has been given the STATUS card of bringing women into the “Self declared” clinics to treat FEMALE issues.

And in a way that apparently only SELF DECLARED OBGYN’s can do it, with flair.

The Sun brought this new idea to our attention with several articles highlighting the SELF DECLARING physician, Dr. Montez, as an advocate for women.

McGlew may have founded this term, Self Declaring, women’s advocate, but the KV Sun picked it up and wrote away on it. They put the buzz on and the bees did the rest.

I asked the hospital if there any sort of BILLING advantages to having a SELF DECLARED OBGYN on board, but was quickly lead down the confusing lane of “you’ll have to ask so and so and they can’t really talk about it, “oh, that’s the clinic business,” and there is no way for me to tell.”

But I tried to find a reason initially that this status of self declaration, there has to be a reason. However, there have been other issues arising, which I will keep readers appraised, as to why this is an issue.

KVHD has gotten brave again as they are willing to speak in a reality they shape in a weekly newspaper.

My rationale is to ERR on the side of LESS people being hurt by the practices at KVHD. Certainly there are successes in this district, but they are ONLY that way as standards have gotten so low, that we the customer begin to think if we were not hurt, killed, scarred, choked, overdosed, under dosed, mentally abused, left in the broom closet, that we DID OKAY!

Closer inspection of the treatment of the district is really showing it’s got a GREAT FAƇADE and a lousy interior.

This does not mean that there are not compassionate and dedicated individuals working in the district, I think there are always those who RISE above the circumstances.

But then there’s the media, who forget that the WATCH is an important function, it’s one for the PUBLIC and those who CARE.

So, for fun and comedy, stick to where the SUN don’t shine, but for those who may rely on healthcare or have sick family members, of importance to them, find another source.

There may not be one yet, but there is space on the internet for any concerned, studious, type who may want to serve a heapin’
helping of hospitality.

The other tabloid coming from Wofford Heights, did not take up the role of researching the hospital either. They have shied away from controversy, but they do apparently do ADS for KVHD and have some interactions.

Whether they like it or not, omission of facts, or concerns, are just as deceptive as openly shaping stories to reflect a positive picture.

The Courier played it conservative, considering the demographic of folks in this region, they were from an era, where if “you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all.”

(got quiet out there.)

How insane, to avoid the WHOLE of the parts, to eliminate data necessary for critical understanding of the issue?

I was not INVITED to the hospital expenditure called the Strategic Plan event, as I was told I could ONLY come if I had positive questions.

Well, I consider questions positive by nature, but if they are limiting my questions or anyone else’s, then it’s NOT a reliable result.

And if the Courier, like the SUN, is but a messenger for the hospital administration’s concern that it is BETTER TO LOOK GOOD than to be GOOD at what you do, then it’s best to drop any claim to be here for the community good.

That is where our choices end.

No amount of time and effort has been spared in my attempts to EXPOSE the players at this hospital and above the limits of the KRV. And until there is JUSTICE I will always be right behind, waiting for the Wildebeest to Stumble, and then again, I’ll give chase.

For now, I will take my effort to another level, not that this higher level is actually level, it’s formed of a more solid bulwark, but that is my specialty, working with the BULL.

But these are the folks who feed at a much bigger, more plentiful trough, no less pigging out, just a bigger food bowl. They are also responsible for the system in place which allows the tiny KVHD to routinely bring in their own auditors, select their own media, pay out huge sums of money, hire friends, get away with murder basically.

The victims of such deeds, are here in the KRV, and it is all of us, including those who would collude and cloud the record as it has not been straight nor does it appear to be headed in that direction any time soon.

These Healthcare/Welfare recipients are victimizing themselves, buried deep in deceit and even willing to lie and criticize their own food chain to get ahead.

While I keep them jumping, they’re exposed to being eaten by a bigger fish than I.

Playing one side against the other can be a dangerous proposition. They are forgetting where their bread is buttered.

Yes, 80% of Cal Mtg. (Bond Debt Holder) employees, most especially Mabel Chan,  Believed that in 2010 KVHD residents would vote to TAX their own properties to settle the debt.

Where did they get an idea like that? Lol

SUSPECTS: Chet Beedle, CFO, KVHD? Tim McGlew CEO? Caldwell, Flores and Winters, sellers of these tax bonds called GOB’s?

Gullible Travels everywhere, even to the top echelon, where being DUPED by these rural health magnates, must have brought some SHAME as Measure G plummeted to defeat. LOL

Yet, Cal Mtg. continues to make excuses for KVHD, without realizing how ridiculous and at times, look at the records, criticizing them, publicly railing against them, or openly telling stories of how one such CFO, could pull the wool over their eyes.

If Cal Mtg. reads the KV Sun, they are probably appeased.

The local media have a new dam on the truth, regarding this project on the lake too. Politically speaking, the likes Congressman Kevin McCarthy and Senator Jean Fuller, the Army Corps of Engineers, pretend to make friends such as the SUN so they can fill the paper with their own propaganda.

Or as I note with the political cats on a hot tin roof, they AVOID talking altogether on the subject.

(I’m Sure Romeo from Fuller’s office is going to explain one day why she thinks an INDEPENDENT STUDY is not necessary for the dam project. Or McCarthy will tidy up the questions about how this 40 million Spending spree has been a great influx of cash for his office.)

It’s a maze and the rats are fighting for the cheese, and I’m making sandwiches.

Who wants a Grilled Cheese?

It’s a simple love story of MONEY and POWER, and the victims of such victims. A CATCH 22.

More on  CAUGHT YOU--23...

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Rumor Has it…

Here’s our list of rumors from the Kern River Valley- Lake Isabella Region, regarding issues of importance, such as the DAM INVASION and the HEALTHCARE/WElFARE program called KVHD, Kern Valley healthcare District.

In the KNEWS today…

Reports of residents of the Skilled Nursing Facility breaking free from the hospital have been reported over the last week. (Watered down Generics?)

There are many conflicting stories, but RUMOR has IT, one got a way, and has yet to be found. Lawsuit making history kind of stuff.

It is also said, that a man in a wheel chair from the hospital was struck by a car in his run from the district’s long term care facility.

Will check with the Sheriff’s office as a helicopter was said to have been part of the search for the escaped residents. Some report must have been filed as this would be required by law. (sorry, I forgot I’m in the lawless lands)
No word from CEO, Tim McGlew, yet on the circumstances surrounding these SNF “Breaks.”

A follow up call to the hospital on Friday, had McGlew busy in LA at a meeting. I’m sure we will know a bit more next week.

Rumor For RENT…

Rural Health Clinic has been rumored to have an issue treating PAIN in their patients.

A cure for overcrowding at a clinic, would be to stop treating certain conditions, and asking or sending or ignoring patient needs causing them to seek assistance elsewhere.

Clinica Sierra Vista, an independent company, may have a new way to make money, treat Rural Healthcare patients who can‘t obtain full service. (duh)

As Some rumors have it that there is a problem if you have pain, and want to treat that pain, it won‘t be thru KVHD‘s Rural health center. An influx of former rural patients is rumored to have begun as the clinic doctor is rumored to be shying away from signing CERTAIN types of medication prescriptions.

Oddly, this is after CEO, Tim McGlew, opened ALL our EYEs wide to the need for PAIN MANAGEMENT last year.
Could it be they are managing pain by NOT doing any thing at all? 

Question off to hospital for response.

How much money is CEO Tim McGlew making, including ALL his benefits? RUMOR has it, I’m missing a few links…

Raises at the hospital? Some employees are squawking as the CEO rode home to vacation for a spell after the hard fought RAISE he won at the September board meeting.

Rumor has it the employee base maybe feeling left out on the left over monies.

Merit badges can only go so far (just guessing) but rumor has it there is some serious friction between the haves and have nots.

Paperwork request will be submitted on the Mchistory of his Mcsalary. And the basis of the employee complaints are only RUMOR, so to have it, we need a few facts…Hello.


RUMOR HAS IT, rumor has it….

The BIGGEST fish to enter the KRV pond of late, Army Corps of Engineers, have engineered a way to quickly get to work on the dam prior to any sorting out of issues such as REALITY!

Predators such as ACE, can be found in all walks of life, they eat and spit out critics such as me. They won’t answer, they will not be held accountable, such as the 40 million dollar “Safety media blitz” and when the time comes to say something sensible, They won’t and don’t have to.

This is your Army Corps of Engineers. Be Proud America, these are the forces fighting to take your land, money, and dignity. (Some may have had mothers, but many were created in Petri dishes in a lab. Those are the nice ones, the others came from Katrina Disaster, and have a thick layer of skin where there once was a chest cavity for a heart. lol) 

Get REAL and GET OUT of our VALLEY until there is some Check other than the balance in the accounts of those who would so easily walk into our homes, our town, with a fishy tail of sudden interest based on safety.

Put a Dam in the  neighborhoods being Glued together in the BAkersField once was a Grove of Oranges, squeezed out by the Upper Middle Food Chain membership. The houses, one after the other, until suburbia covers the Pock marks left by INDUSTRIES such as OIL and other unholy, earth Scorchers.

Yeah, a DAM at the Mouth of the Canyon, where it’s Narrow, why not a new, INNOVATI”ON?

Out of the BOX means, take off the lid and Climb out. And to do this a BRAVE company of Independent, authentic auditors of some merit, need to be UnRESTRICTED, in their tireless reappraisal of current plans.

Congratulations to Community Members for Questioning, X-raying these Claims on this dam and it’s Plans. Money and Land, sounds familiar, oh yeah, the Indians who were here could RELATE to this predicament. lol Day jaw dropping Vu...


(Hell, poke a hole in the dam thing and call me stupid. Otherwise, I’m going to poke a fork into you and call you done. Dinner fork or dessert fork? Lol)

Rumor has it….
Feel free to send in or call with “RUMOR has it” stories as they appear to be more factual than the supposed facts we are given by elected and paid officials, in answer to serious questions.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cal Mtg. and the World of money WAR

Austerity Days in Sacramento, California

There was a time we heard the cries of desperate attempts to convince voters to support taxing themselves, which went over like a lead balloon. But an alternative to the Democratic Governo’r strategy became to add on his own FEES, as he deems necessary.

Such is the age of Austerity and it’s awfully strange ALIGNMENT of causes which are ALLOWEd funding whereas there are selective, Particular areas where this money can be gathered.

There are efforts on both sides to ARGUE who and what agencies will get this funding, whether it federal or some educational allotments, and everpresent is the Zillions available in the Healthcare Industry.

Also, up to par is the Hollyweird Crowd, the propogandists, the media, who assail us with their droning on convincing us entertainment, money, control is achieved in leering at a television set or a computer or a game on a video machine.

There is government spending to fund the television programming, and there are fractured groups vying for the spending.

Such as grant money for support of ARTs and this would include a very suspect practice I have noted recently.

Joey Travolta, brother to John Travolta, who has been in the limelight for thirty plus years, has taken on the cause, or at least to appear to do this, of mentally challenged children.

The State of California along with what I assume to be a parceling of fund for these grants throughout other states, amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Several parents of this program were concerned there was some unfair advantage to certain children, and they took only certain types for which they received this funding.

When I took a small dive into simply another pond being drained by those who cut the transparency, favoritism an option in this cut throat econonomic environment, for a “worthy cause?”

How do you say that Joey Travolta who appears to have had opportunities to get grant money for his movies he makes paying little to the stars who are with a promise they will be helped in their careers as Actors?

Just another place to spend money on the top players of the games. Travolta is a big name, but what about people who would be willing to adequately distribute? Where is the opportunity?

Not there as Foundations and grant organizations, government tax monies are frittered away so that top dogs get the whole can of food, while shoveling some kibble down and calling it a program which has some merit.

How we could possibly begin to oversee the veracity, of which there is little, is impossible. This is a smoke screen of money changing hands.

And it is especially hiding in places where the money is expected, hoped, to be spent for the Benefit of those who need it. But that does not seem to be the case.

The Kern River Valley is under seige of organizations or other types of “things” which seek to control the resources, the land, and money.

The Lake Isabella Dam Project has that same agenda, within a few years of SUDDENLY becoming an interest of reinforcing this dam for safety reasons, a community has been swept off it’s feet with the Army Corps of Engineers arrogantly landing here beginning to give the orders.

After a few years of so-called planning there has been no OUTSIDE oversight of private individuals allowed to examine the need to Construct any thing on this dam.

NO independent studies have been submitted, as there is an URGENCY of some scarce explanation, some have included a “NOAH”S ARK” type of flood which has entered the Propoganda field.

WHAT LANDED here is an unidentified Land and Money Grabber, a new craft that takes its prey without a shout or a hoot or holler,, as the almighty dollar drives this force to move out of it’s way.

The Goal  may not be a Dam thing what is being SOLD to the public or it’s public representatives, but this is a major event, and is being PUSHED down the throats of all who wish to Oppose it.

So, far, there has been nearly 40 million spent, how necessary was this expenditure? To pay off those who would close your mouth, disagree, divide you? YES.

In this event there is no logic except pure FORCE. The force which is driving the whole world right now, an ugly presence of STRUGGLE for the resources, the KNOWLEDGE of technologies, the ownership of massive power.

It’s in this area, has been as the Kern Valley Healthcare District partnering with CAL MTG. part of the Office of Statewide Healthcare Development and Planning Department, twenty five years ago for a hospital expansion which turned into a subtraction for the whole community, claims AUSTERITY issues.

To heck with making any sense, and so many have thrown away their willingness to fight, as there is no reason this community would have been asked to pay to BAILOUT a Bond indenture that could have bankrupted and been done years ago.

Hypocrisy forms a lousy provider of fair and adequate distribution of resources, yet we are daily being fed this lie.

Cal Mtg. sure could have done something other than extend this errant loan project out forty years, they were bound by contract to oversee the tiny hospital’s plans, yet they were also in control of who would RuN the hospital.

CEO’s are apparently a recipient of grand sums of money at KVHD along with other perks. I’m sure the pressure is on But KVHD CEO, Tim McGlew, seems to be in a trend being a Vice President of the “home for Jewish Parents” part of a Multi-million project with “Go See Cal” Funding.
Ending up in the Kern River Valley? Tim McGlew presence here a coincidence or potentially some other reason?

There are small and big animals of survival of the “reap the mostest” the latest of the monsters created by our environment of inherent hostilities, manufactured by a system gone wild!

Hoarding is not just people collecting newspapers and irregular items, this is Oprah herself whose fortune is outrageous, but is a CATCH22 which caught a whole world.

We can’t get around it, it is here, there is frenzy, there is hoarding, there is also LYING to us about our condition, and the word is AUSTERITY.

America: Austerity for some, but a few.

Uncle SCAM wants you and your land too.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

American Government Invasion of Lake Isabella...

Frankly Scarlett I don’t give a Dam (the lake Isabella dam that is)

I thought I would begin this diatribe with a few notes of humor, as I think there are few residents here in the Kern River Vaelly who think of the idea of TAKING over the valley, it’s roads, it’s water, it’s sense of dignity, as an “improvement Project. “

Last night, I took time to go to the meeting of the Lake Isabella Dam Project, presented by the “Dam Task Force.”

This team of locals are volunteering to step in between a Federal case of “theft of land and resources” lead by the Army Corps of Engineers and Congressman Kevin McCarthy and our local community.

Brave souls or misguided? You answer the question. Lol

There are many details to this plan, but then there is a MISSING detail, called an INDEPENDENT STUDY.

To me, this is vital and the rest is a crime. Until such information is provided and provided with some OUTSIDE oversight, there is NOTHING, not a DAM thing to argue about. Do not proceed do  not pass go...

I got the distinct impression that task force was willing to cow tow to government officials and audience members were struggling to form adequate arguments and questions in hopes of being heard.

The audience included people who are about to be looking at losing their homes, it’s called: EMINENT DOMAIN. This means these big, baddies from the Washington DC, entitlement programs, Otherwise known here as “High paid welfare recipients” want the land and will TAKE it. 

As most people recognize, our property values, fell the moment this Plan to dam our community was simply uttered. Our peace of mind along with it.

I have served the question to Congressman McCarthy and his staff, Senator Jean Fuller’s Staff, and eventually to anyone who may BENEFIT from this DAM SCAM or who has taken an OATH to represent the local residents.

I’m going to make this short and bitter, as sweet is the deal these “Welfare from Washington” types love in terms of POOLS of money.

Big money, half a billion?

Well, that is the estimate, but here’s a quick idea of how this money is spent. It’s already incurred nearly 40 MILLION in costs.

Forty Million and yet there is not a blink a flinch, from anyone.

Umm, is this is your moment of Zen? Think on it, a couple years of testing, a meeting here, there and before you know it, you spend FORTY MILLION DOLLARS…lol

But in the end of the plan to supposedly protect the city of Bakersfield, and portions of Lake Isabella, from a “POssible” DAM age seismically it is presumed, this plan includes the Message: SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

I’m assuming that means every promise, every item, falls into the wash if these denizens of democracies dark side have anything they would wish to add, subtract, or otherwise control.

This is a FULL blown take over of the valley.

I am expected to trust in this project, yet, they are NOT willing to put their own Specifications, their own Theories to the TEST with an independent study?

The age of austerity is only for the poor, the disabled, the suffering, the uninsured, the unemployed, the under employed, elderly, disabled, hungry, children, ETC… but there is money in these here hills, I guess is the best way to describe this INVASION of the KRV.

However, let me voice another concern I picked up on during this meeting: it’s not my problem.

As residents of a trailer park destined to be a former trailer park, spoke of their plight, their fears of relocating, I could not help but SENSE a certain “Classist” attitude, rearing it’s ugly head.
I am sure those who read this blog, know I am for fair play, an empowerment of our fellow man, and this is not what I am feeling is happening here.

The attitude of attracting “better” people, meaning they have more money and nicer houses, makes me cringe, and it does not deserve a voice.

Yes, this already does not seem to bring out the best in those who are involved in the resistance.

But questions were raised in the audience that test the numbers and charts and graphs that are being used to support this project.

I applaud all who are unwilling to be spoon fed numbers, from eager beavers from the top of the political food chain. Thank you.

Again, there is a serious problem here. And one that will be addressed. Those questions of accountability of the facts of this situation, will be pushed off the edge of my blog.

The plan includes also, a REROUTE of highways 178 and 155, with the promise, subject to change of course, to include alternative routes.

This is to be done as early as 2013. (What a deal hey?)

So, top of the list:




I could go on about how the locals will not be beneficiaries of jobs or receive other favorite status, but it’s enough, the top three here are plenty to go on.

More to follow.

(I am building my own Dam project. It’s called damning those who would do this…lol.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11/2012 A day TO KNOW your World...

They Call it a day to remember, this anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy on the AMerican People and all who live in this world where there is communication.

I remember, that day.

I also remember the odd feeling that there was something disturbing beyond that of the events being portrayed on my television set. I saw a plane fly into a building which SEEMED to be Exploding from the bottom to the top.

In fact, I felt I was being manipulated into believing that this was an act of terrorism by a group of dissidents, not associated with the AMerican government.

But it may have been far more nefarious than that.

This is the anniversary of a day that many people have used to springboard to the TRUTH. They have asked questions, made comments, examined video, searched documents, all in search of this allusive TRUTH.

And now we have documentaries, agents who have turned on their masters, and those who will NO longer accept the nonsense, the propoganda, and who will only be satisfied by the real fact, the truth it's called for those who have lost touch.

THe only way to SEE the reality of our peculiar situations is to accept there is a TRUTH which is the record of WHAT REALLY happened.

I"m not going to provide you details of the 9/11 events, another theory or any thing else, I am saying this was the impetus for the seekers of truth to begin sniffing the trail of deceit which goes all over the "known"

We had a President, a BUSH, a family not unfamiliar with the Middle east. NOt unfamiliar with the white house and a VICE PRESIDENT who took a business, called, Haliburton to new levels. Haliburton became the big STAR in the sky in the Middle East as they were allowed to take all the WAR contracts.

So, WAr Contractor, Haliburton, was the Cream rising to the TOP?

Well, the SCUM rises to the top too. And the scum suffocates all life that is under the water. ANd so it was, the war on terrorism, the NEWEST plan to quash all choices, such as the Patriot ACt. BUsh and Obama both put their Signatures, their SEAL to that unfortunate document.

Acting like a Patriot is a yankee doodle dandy, and it is an AMerican Dream, and a BIG DAM lie. LOL

The World is a UNEVEN Game...

It is a world where the playing field has been bent this way and that. In one day, 9/11, we were shown a mistake we had made: TRUSTING the government. Or trusting that there are people left who are UNWILLING to lie, cheat and steal to get ahead.

But the forces that be, are never satisfied with only these minor sins. The bottom line of th e BOTTOM FEEDERS, is the FULL and Utter CONTROL of everything.

I know it sounds as if I believe there is nothing good in this world. Why , in fact, I wonder I really do, if there is much left to worry about. AS most souls are sold off to the idea that this is a GOOD world and if we simply CONFORM or submit, we will too, be rewarded.

Sad, but religion and OPRAH and her minions, are selling this proposition.

Here's my idea: First we are VICTIMs of a horrible, base, ugly system of Illusion. It's goal is to trap, enslave, demoralize, anything and everything. 

It has been successful, as there are still folks who fasley believe there is some freedom. THey also believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa CLAWS, lol. (Santa is real, and is currently taking names of who is naughty and nice.) They are okay with lying in most cases. They are Deceipt's favorite types, who will just do it, cheat, lie, and at least keep quiet.

The people I happen to have the most dislike are the ones who will throw their OWN in front of the bus. They are willing to scapegoat. Not just lying, but blaming and creating victims.

Money is the honey

KVHD, Kern Valley Healthcare DIStrict, just gave a 4 percent raise to their CEO, Tim MCglew, and I watched a whole valley of people who are barely able to put food on the table or pay for insurance, sit with glazed donoughts for eyes, and allow this hypocrisy to continue.

This is a tragedy, but it's a tragedy for those who "SEE NO EVIL" or speak about how there is no evil, just CRITICS, like me.

We have seen no raises to the average workers and KVHD has talked Austerity, but they have also lucratively lavished a few of their own, such as McGlew.

More victims are Created who will not protest, who do NOT support the truth, rather they are looking to RISE to the Top of the pond at any cost. We see underlings at KVHD who take the deals, whether it's a position of making more money, or having more control, they are dealing both under and above the table.

(Naughty, naughty)

Systematically deceived...

WE are taught to be powerless. WE are taught there are RACES who are Better. We aRE Taught Women are less than men. WE are taught to be a Disgusting type of creature. LOL Sorry, but since this is an anniversary of something so reprehensible as to draw the ire of even those who cannot fathom this nasty matter could possibly occur, that I take a moment to Harp on the tRUTH.

TRuth is this is a cruel world. We do and particpate in the propogation of this unfortunate Deceptive, oppressive, manipulative game called life.

I think some would argue with me on this point, and let them. There is no reason to simply accept what I say, either it resonates with you or it doesn't. If it doesn't, I say move on, you have a LONG LIFE to lead and plenty of time to gather your thoughts. In fact, if this is what people want for a life, I say GIVE IT TO THEM. LOL

I, however, am not willing to give up  the idea of something BETTER and GREATER than this horrific romp where there are iMMORal types who would like to be PRESIDENT, or who would be a GOVERNOR, or any other way to dominate as opposed to being an equalizer.

EQUALITY and Qality, high ideals which apparently take incidents such as 9/11, to SHAKE up our False sense of security, and begin to rumble is the thunder, and hopefully, the light bulb will turn on for many.

This is not our deSTINY. This is simply a stopping point, where some of us must and will have to RETHINK our position in life.

So, think of the possibilities. 

BLAMIng types such as BUSH or CHENEY, certainly gives credence to the idea that there is a puppet master out there, who is pulling all the strings.  But then they are STILL RESPONSIBLE. They are still going to have to face their roles in these crimes against the world.

They call them conspiracy theories, they make fun and laugh at those who would spot the mistakes in their 9/11 story books. But Government types, those who had hands on and off the tragedy which killed firefighters, those who would risk to rescue, however, the Story From Washington DC, did not add up.

And we are in the know. We know that there is more to this than a simple RELIGIOus FAnaTIC at work. And we know we are in for more. Obama has talked about Marshal law, and California Governor Jerry Brown, spoke of anarchy.

They also seem to be ACTING and Directing the action to lean that way. TAke away more from people, as we are BECOMING ALERT and awake. WE are SEEING, and that is causing a reaction from those who do not wish to be seen in their true colors, form. 

self fulfilling prophecy

Jerry Brown, California Governor, has added something new to his naughty resume, IMPOSING TAXES and calling them FEES. He has grabbed onto some power as he has been unopposed.

Where is the LA (out of touch with...) THe TIMES? Where is the investigative reporter?

LOIS LANe, lol, where's our Lois Lane?

Brown will continue to manipulate the law, and he will CUT the poor at the throat as they have too much time to think. And oversight, government agencies, are only for SHOW as this boat has set sail in California.

Hollywood and Jerry Brown, they are so close that he attends all the funerals. lol (yes, extreme, but also an interesting connection)


Okay. We are currently on FACE BOOK or chatting, fixing the car, sipping a cancer causing Coca Cola and we DO NOT realize how quickly these people in power are running roughshod over the denizens of this life.

This World has yet to unleash it's ugliness, it's true ugliness, and those who wish it to change, must get out there and begin to speak up. To Show Which side of the banner they are on. TRUTH o'r DECEPTION.

This blog is CARRYING THE BANNER OF TRUTH. We accept the challenge and all that goes with it, so that there will be CHANGE.

On this anniversary, I send a MESSAGE of hope to all. There is only one side to be on where you will transcend this scum covered pond.

You  ARE MORE, not less. I teach power not power less ness.

Thanks to those who have suffered in the light of the truth, who have given for the cause of compassion and truth, it is appreciated. It is my own energy which is expanded each time I find another who lives only for something better, unwilling to bend to the forces of negativity. THank you!